Joy Stick steering for motorized fishing kayak

Wavewalk now offers joystick steering for its new W700 car-top fishing boats –

What a fantastic idea. I really like it. My brother and I had been working on a customer rubber raft boat and he wanted center steering. So we designed a metal structure that was webbed in to the floor. The rigging of the cables is similar to yours… BUT yours is a great idea. I like the fact that you can stand and use it a partial leverage. You are correct on the change of speed as you are very close to the throttle. I like the fact that you are seated or standing more toward the center rather than the rear which helps balance the craft. Did I say this was a great idea. Did I say I really like this idea.



The new Wavewalk™ 700 is an extremely lightweight (80 lbs) two-person, trailer-free fishing boat that one person can easily paddle and car-top. Its load capacity is 580 lbs.