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Wavewalk is a US manufacturer of fishing kayaks and boats, located in Massachusetts.
The company rolled out its first product line in 2004.
Since then, Wavewalk has been selling mostly to clients who order factory direct.
The company has developed a local dealership program in recent years.

The company was granted US utility patent number 6871608 for its invention that allows the design of small, catamaran-style boats that are significantly more stable than all other types of kayaks and canoes.
Wavewalk® kayaks and small boats feature a seat that looks like the saddle of a personal watercraft, and they offer a back-pain free ride.
Wavewalk® kayaks offer anyone to fish and paddle standing up.

Since Wavewalk® kayaks and car-top boats  are more stable and comfortable, they’ve become the favorite ride of elderly and heavy persons, of people who suffer from back problems and other physical disabilities, and of people who want to take passengers on board, including small children and dogs. Needless to say that Wavewalk is synonym to stand up paddling and fishing.

Wavewalk has two product lines:

  1. The Wavewalk® 700 series. This is a lightweight, car-top boat for two full-size fishermen and their gear. It’s also a high performance tandem fishing kayak. Since it weighs just 80 lbs, it is perfect for a solo paddler or angler, who can car top it effortlessly.
  2. The Wavewalk® 500 series. This is a lightweight, extremely stable fishing kayak that is totally free of back pain. It’s also simple and easy to motorize.

In addition, Wavewalk offers high performance paddles, four models of transom motor mounts for small outboard motors, a joystick steering system, flotation modules, and a spray shield.

Wavewalk’s website features over 200 kayak reviews that were contributed by clients. These reviews include the client’s full name and state, as well as pictures. The company’s 1,500 page website also offers instructional videos, compelling demo videos, dozens of technical articles, hundreds of trip reports, and information about rigging kayaks for fishing.


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